Sophisticated fusion of the creative and digital arts


We love to make stunning content for all platforms – from mobile phones to the cinema. We also create video for live performance and event backdrops. Spikey Design provides planning, filming through to upload, and then management. Our websites are functional and fabulous, and digital assets are sized to each platform’s specifications. It doesn’t stop there because we are highly skilled in keeping your content and software current.

Our team is multi-disciplinary, with a wide range of skills. We work with you from the start to end of the project. We have an extended team of creatives, like musicians and illustrators on hand to add that extra sparkle.


Creating beautiful, fun and functional digital assets doesn’t take a huge team or a huge budget. In fact, Spikey Design is a boutique business and we work on a select number of projects at any time, ensuring you have our full attention.

Our clients include exciting small businesses, entertainment promoters, online stores, podcasters, musicians, events, and more. We’ve also created a wide and wild assortment of artist’s websites. Whatever your adventure, we make sure the online spotlight shines on you.


We believe websites and content-making should be exciting. They must also be functional and go beyond serving their purpose.

Spikey Design can take care of the behind-the-scenes tech processes, like buying a name for your site, setting up the web hosting and migrating your existing site. We are here with solutions. We create and manage your digital content so you can concentrate on what you do best.


Website Design

  • Theme and custom designs
  • Images optimised for fast loading
  • Logos and icons
  • Social media links and embeds
  • Contact forms
  • Online shops
  • Event calendars and bookings
  • Payment integration
  • Site map
  • Search Engine optimised and submitted
  • Image and video galleries
  • Much more

Site Design packages and prices

Website Management

  • Domain names
  • Google Analytics and site stats
  • Entire site backup
  • Site migration
  • Content updates to keep it fresh
  • Add/edit shop products
  • Software updates
  • Security maintenance
  • Email addresses
  • Spam filters
  • SSL security certificates

Site Maintenance packages and prices

Social Media Content

  • Shoot and edit
  • Formats for all platforms
  • Motion Graphics
  • Animation
  • Voice-overs
  • Original and licensed music
  • Captions and subtitles
  • Upload and manage
  • Analytics
  • Plus much more


The Vinyl Store

The Vinyl Store is a highly customised record website. Spikey Design created the shop from the ground up with slick design and functionality.

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Safari Lee

My passion for the creative digital world has been ever-present throughout my life, combining technology and the arts. I’ve studied extensively in the fields of Computer Science, Music and Visual Arts and hold an honours degree in Screen Arts at the University of Sydney’s College of the Arts.

While I work on the majority of projects, I also collaborate with a select group of digital experts who make up the extended Spikey Design team.

Combining geekery and artistry makes me really happy. Above all though, I love to help. I look forward to chatting with you and hearing all about your project.


1 Contact

Website revamps or made from scratch. Digital assets for your event or business. Something quirky or classy? It all begins with a chat. A call or email is the first step, and we can be reached using this form

2 Discuss

Let’s identify your goals and scope. Together, we identify the purpose of your project, define your audience and set a launch date. Do you have a media campaign in mind? Not sure what you’re needing? We can show you our previous work and brainstorm to get the seeds in the ground.

3 Structure

Like a cactus with lots of spikes, your project has lots of elements that come together to form the feature. At this point we plan how pages, animations, videos and other parts all fit together. We build a frame with your ideas and our expertise.

4 Content

Now we start creating. We add the words and pictures to the website, we film and edit the video, we compose the jingle, etc. Liaising with you throughout this process, ideas come to grow here. We trim and tweak, providing you with updates.

5 Launch

We are ready to launch. Having tested and ensured all is fabulous, we will help you have your content go live. Depending on your project, this could mean we send you your new digital content, we set your website to go live, we upload your content to your social media, or other exciting actions.

6 Management

Keeping your content fresh and attractive and keeping the bugs away. We can update content on your site and teach you how to update your site yourself. We can also post to social media for you.


Let’s chat about your next exciting digital adventure.