Spikey Design is honoured to work with Inclusivity Consultants in creating and maintaining their website. Their concept was for a sophisticated and clean site that enables their services to be clearly conveyed.

Inclusivity Consultants are a team of compassionate trainers who believe that safe, supportive learning environments are essential to the wellbeing of LGBTIQ+ young people and to the effectiveness and success of their educational institutions and workplaces.

They offer a range of customised education and support services that give teachers, administrators and others the information, resources and tools to engage effectively with LGBTIQ+ students and to model positive behaviours in their communities.

Spikey Design continues working with Inclusivity Consultants with website management, ensuring all the software is safe, functional and current for their very important work.

  • Information easily read on white background
  • Splashes of colour with vibrant images
  • Contact form for quick communication
  • Aesthetically clean site without clutter
  • Responsive across all devices including assistive technologies


Unique Training Courses

Inclusivity Consultants offers great services including training sessions on sexuality and gender diversity. Presenting these services in a concise format enables organisations to quickly understand this business’ offerings.

Inclusivity Services

The site features a page dedicated to the types of services offered by Inclusivity Consultants and provides a wealth of information. These services include education, training and support, through to business audits and public speakers on topics around gender inclusivity.