Luxury online boutique Greek Style Council has such a gorgeous aesthetic, so when they approached Spikey Design to capture the beauty of their newest products, we knew the quality had to be top tier.

Our equipment is very portable, so we visited their office to shoot the beautiful items. A combination of natural and panel lighting, and a variety of close and full product shots ensured the natural textures of the pieces were captured.

Back in the Spikey Design office we applied our post-production magic, and upload the images for the client within twenty-four hours.

  • Capture product images on neutral background
  • Provide our equipment to their location
  • Edit images to suit their existing site’s aesthetics
  • Colour-correction and levels
  • Format square images ready to add to their site


Our team of creatives work across many areas, leading to an efficient and cohesive work flow.

Product Photography
Photographic Editing
Project Management


Consistent Aesthetics

All the products have both close (macro) images and full-product shots

Luxury Items

The luxurious products are presented in premium images, enabling the customer to experience the item before purchase