Lazy Susan is one of Australia’s beloved indie pop bands, with four albums, six EPs, and many memorable gigs. We were thrilled to work with the band in creating content for their social media platforms.

They recently found a brilliant behind-the-scenes video filmed by the band’s bass player twenty years ago as the band set off for their first tour in a Tarago. What better way to celebrate the bands 20th Anniversary ‘Long Lost’ album relaunch and gig than presenting captured moments of this long-lost treasure for their audience.

Paul Andrews is Lazy Susan’s founding member and singer-songwriter. When he approached Spikey Design to produce online content of course we said yes! We worked with the hours of original footage that provided plenty of iconic moments, from radio stations and recording studios to fun in dusty outback paddocks. The band’s recent Zoom catchup video was edited to present a beautiful opener to this musical media campaign.

  • Motion graphics
  • Animation cartoons
  • Editing and colour-correction of VHS video and zoom footage
  • Audio overlays
  • Formatting for multiple social media platforms


We loved keeping the authentic vintage aesthetic with lots of the Lazy Susan VHS footage and also used some post-production techniques to enhance contrast and make the visuals pop. Still images from film-based photographs further captures the feel of the times.

Video editing
Image Editing
Motion Graphics


Original VHS Footage

Keeping the aesthetics authentic was a treat, with the original footage providing a lovely amount of grain and contrast. The great range of locations, from wide open plains during the tour, to country radio stations and city train stations gives a lovely backdrop for the storytelling.

Interviews and Behind-the-scenes Fun

Getting to know the wonderful members of a band keeps fans engaged and attracts new fans. A group Lazy Susan zoom with the four members of Lazy Susan was a great fly-on-the-wall addition to the band’s 20th Anniversary promotional assets.

Original Music

Lazy Susan has been a beloved Aussie band since their first release in the early 2000’s. Songs like Bobby Fischer, Canada and My Everest in both studio and live versions are featured across the social media video clips we created.